moftak solutions

lab management system

Moftak Solutions has developed this Management System for one of the renowned Pathology Lab in Pakistan. The idea behind the system redesigning was to automate the CitiLab internal business processes up to the maximum possible option including patient, lab, reports, accounts, inventory, HR. New client / server based system is more user friendly, easy to understand and easy to deploy

The client-server based desktop application was developed in .Net Framework 2.0 using C# Windows Forms with infragistics third party components. For databases, SQL Server 2005 was used.

Software included following modules:

  • Complete financial system
  • Backup system
  • Employees and patients management system

The overall functionality of the software includes:

Receipt Management (Cash Memo)

Create Receipt

Edit receipt for adding new tests immediately, and Print Receipt

Print Performa (Print out for Entering Result of Tests) respective to

Tests for different Departments

Management of Reports

Entry of Tests Results, in relevant departments

Editing Report, if entered wrong result, or result is not correct

Keeping log of editing

Printing Report

Clearing the Dues and deliver the report

Stocks/Inventory Management

Keeping record of purchasing Computer Hardware, Testing Materials (Machines, Kits, Chemicals, Sample Tubes, and Bottles), Stationary items, Furniture etc from different suppliers.

Keeping record of issuance of different items

Manage Accounts

Manage Income (The only source of income is from Laboratory tests).

Accountant will keep record of income, on daily, monthly and annual basis.

Managing Accounts of employees

  • Calculate salaries of employees.
  • Keeping record of Advance, taken by employ.
  • Managing overtime of employs

Managing bills from different suppliers

Managing bills of different panels

Managing utility bills

Managing different miscellaneous expenses