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Voice over IP (VOIP)

VOIP is a set of hardware and software which enables us make calls by sending voice data in packets using IP. It uses internet as a medium of transmission for telephone calls, which is done conventionally through circuit transmissions.

Moftak solutions provides innovative and valuable solutions to the customers and has top notch VOIP experts who understand clients needs and help them in the acquisition of right products which best meet their budget and quality concerns.

Whether your company is one that tries the hot new technology or waits months or years before implementing new technology, Moftak Solutions is here to help you make the right decision for all of your VoIP technology needs.

Moftak Solutions will help you make the right decision in determining if a voice over IP solution is the right fit for your company. From start to finish we will educate you on this new technology, help you purchase the right equipment, introduce a service provider to you and help you port your existing telephone numbers.

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