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6 Biggest Technology Trends in 2020

As we are going to enter into the 22nd century, technology will continue to accelerate. We’ll likely see immense developments in artificial intelligence, Cloud computing, and a significant increase in the creation of software into our everyday lives.

In the near future, it seems like technology is changing continuously and getting enhanced, so it can be tough to know which technology trends to watch in 2020. There are many such technologies that have already made their projecting mark in 2019 and are few more technologies that are away from becoming mainstream. These are the ones that we have listed as the upcoming latest technology trends take a closer look that is likely to bring significant innovation growth next year and in the upcoming decade.

5G Data Networks

The 5th generation of mobile internet connectivity is going to give us super-fast browsing speeds as well as more stable connections. It is expected to deliver faster connections and greater capacity, a very important advantage of 5G is the fast response time referred to as latency.

Latency is the time occupied for devices to reply to each other over the wireless network. 3G networks had a typical response time of 100 to 500 milliseconds, 4G is around 50 milliseconds and 5G will be as low as in between 1 to 4 millisecond. This is practically opening up a new world of connected applications.

5G technology may use a multiplicity of spectrum bands, including millimetre wave (mmWave) radio spectrum, which can transfer very large amounts of data a short distance.

The increased bandwidth will enable machines, robots, and autonomous vehicles to collect and transfer more data than ever, leading to advances in the area of the Internet of Things (IoT) and smart machinery.

Artificial Intelligence as a Service (AIaaS)

Artificial Intelligence as a service is one of the top technology trends of 2020. Many companies are using a type of “as a service” offering as a way to focus on their core business and spend less money on an important service. Now the same method is being applied to a new technology Artificial Intelligence. AIaaS is short for AI-as-a-service. Most of the companies have started work on how they can use Artificial Intelligence as a service to improve the customer experience and to modernize their business operations.

The combining of the SaaS business model with AI services known as AIaaS (not the most fortunate acronym) could help bring AI to the masses without a heavy price.

There are already some AI service provider platforms offering AIaaS like Google, Amazon, Microsoft and other large companies offer machine-learning solutions and training materials.

In the next coming year 2020, we will see rising companies that are expected to start offering more tailored applications and services for specific or specialized tasks. This will mean no company will have any reason left not to use AI.

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With the very fast development in the field of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning, Automation is at a top. Automation is one of the most awaited new technologies of 2020 Today, robots can perform a slew of functions without considerable human intervention. Automated technologies are not only performing iterative tasks but also augmenting workforce capabilities significantly. Automation eventually decreases human effort while maximizing profit potential.

When we look towards the future of automation, we met with endless possibilities. It is become the top technology trends of 2020. Automation promising where everything will be made nearby and easily available. Automated machines are expected to swap almost half of the global workforce. Multiple industries, from manufacturing to agriculture, banking to the medical industry are adopting automation to drive productivity, safety, profitability, and quality.


Blockchain is a distributed ledger system that provides transactions record and very secured due to encrypted nature. It enhanced security to the real-time digital economic process. Blockchain comprises blocks of digitally recorded data and the demand for this technology is growing everywhere.

This technology has the ability to change all aspects of the digital economy. This contains shopping, conducting business, delivering healthcare, entertainment and staying connected with a social world.

Online payments have gained huge traction and card-based payments have increased radically. Blockchain technology creates an increased speed of transaction processing and greater efficiency in real-time processing.

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Analytics are playing a very important role in the growth and measurement of companies across the world. It is the ability for business owners to see, understand and utilize their analytics for the improvement of their business has never been easier, and it’s why the future of the analytics industry is so cheerful. With data analytics tools, businesses can not only measure their success, but they can also predict what is coming next in the market that will help give them an edge over their competition.

Analytics has always, and will always play a huge role in marketing because it helps businesses create a data-driven marketing strategy. Marketers need to know where their dollars are going and what the return to their business will be. Whether its likes, shares or conversions, the future of the analytics industry with artificial intelligence and data science is changing how marketers do their jobs.

In essence, analytics is one field that AI and machine learning technologies will be most useful in. Analytics will be the perfect use case for many of the next decade’s emerging tech.


The future of technologies in 2020 will remain partial without Voice. Voice technology has become the most unruly force to hit the world ever since the internet became a pictorial medium. As of today, more than 25% of all searches are voice-led. By 2020, over 60% of consumers will be using voice-activated technology daily.

When one thinks of voice, it’s hard not to think of Cortana, Alexa, Siri and Bixby. These ‘intelligent assistants’ are leading the way by making work listing and music playlists, keeping personal journals, and switching bedroom lights for their users. These applications have still remained very limited features.

In the near future voice, technology will prove even more useful for human beings with the use of NLP. Computers, apps and device will understand the true meaning of what they said. Users will be able to ask of things in their natural way of talking and not in words that are right for machines and software to understand.

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