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We are looking for intelligent, motivated and hard-working professionals who want to build digital products that solve real-world problems.

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On becoming a permanent employee, you will receive Company benefits such as paid vacations of 15 days a year from January till December (subject to approval). However, during the probation period, you are eligible for 2 days holidays only


Company will reimburse the entire fee associated to pass any certification exams which are relevant to your job description. However, after passing an exam, a permanent employee cannot exercise the right to give a relevant job termination notice for at least a calendar year.


[1] For permanent employees
You will be eligible for old-age benefits from the date of joining. As per rules, monthly Contribution towards EOBI @ Rs.750.00 is to be paid by the employer while Rs.150.00 by the employee. However, during the probation period, the total amount of Rs.900.00 is to be paid by the employee which will be deducted from your monthly salary.


Expenses incurred during the medical treatment of yourself and family members including and limited to your spouse, children and parents will be reimbursed after your probation period; reimbursement will be a maximum of Rs.10000/- in one Calendar year. For instance, if you completed probation period in August, then for the next 4 months you will be eligible for (10000/12)*4.


Company have its own kitchen in office, with delicious different menu daily.


Moftak Solutions has started Annual Umrah Policy in 2010 (which InshaAllah will be revised bi-annually sometime later). Terms and conditions are as follows:

  • Frequency: Once in a year
  • Eligibility criteria: minimum 1 year as full time OR 2 years as part-time.
  • Preference Criteria: Preference will be given to an employee who is interested in going for Umrah/Hajj and have the earliest joining date at Moftak. In case of more than one employee fulfils the same criteria than balloting will be done. If an employee is not interested then the next employee in the hierarchy can go for the option and so on. Seniority will be judged based on the total stay at Moftak Solutions.
  • An employee can avail this facility for ONE time only until a complete cycle is completed i.e., all employees have availed this facility.
  • Anyone who is not interested or may not proceed on Umrah/Haj for some reason hereby allowed using this facility in sending his parents for Umrah/Hajj.
  • Contribution by the company: Rs. 65,000/- for Umrah (the same amount is available if someone is planning for Hajj)

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