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Database Design

Every organization banks on certain information which help them make important decisions. If this information is unorganized or not filled properly, it becomes difficult to make best out of the information thus leading to frustration and inefficiencies.

Database design is thus used for the arrangement of data as per the database model. A database designer decides which data needs to be stored and how the data would be connected. After getting all these details, the data can be adjusted into the database model and organized.

Moftak Solutions develops customized database models for their customers in accordance to their business needs and requirements so that they can efficiently handle their business information.

Moftak Solutions has expertise in working on different platforms like MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Microsoft SQL Server, FileMaker or Oracle. Hence, we only use tried and tested methods to design, develop, integrate, and implement database systems to maximize its efficiency and security.

Features and benefits:

  1. Logical Database Designing
  2. Efficient Data Management
  3. Reporting & Maintenance
  4. Data Patterns & Security
  5. Expert Administration
  6. Cost Effective Solution

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