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Desktop Development

We provide you with an efficient, customized and user-friendly desktop application that can run both offline and independent of web browser. People meet their respective business requirements with a competitive advantage in the growing market with the help of our desktop application. Different businesses have different and unique requirements, through our custom-developed desktop applications we help businesses to fulfill the requirements and achieve success.

The desktop applications from Moftak Solutions help in providing the way to automate explicit business process in order to improve performance, employee productivity and synchronize business process. Open for upgradation from time-to-time, our desktop applications provide efficient data security and protection against unauthorized access.

Desktop application development is an important branch of our software development services. At Moftak Solutions we develop software utilities for different industries across platforms such as Windows and Mac. Our comprehensive experience allows us to develop user-friendly desktop applications custom-made to specific clients needs.

We utilize following technologies to create reliable

cross-platform desktop applications

  • PC Platforms:

    Windows 2003, Windows 2008, Windows XP/ Vista/7/8, Mac OSX (Leopard, Lion, MountainLion)

  • Mobile/Tablet Platforms:

    IOS, Android, Windows

  • IPTV Platforms:

    Roku, Boxee, PopBox, GoogleTV, AppleTV

  • Application/Web Servers:

    Internet Information Server (IIS 6.x, 7.x), Lotus Notes Domino

  • Languages:

    C#, VC++, Visual Basic, Objective C (for iOS - Apple), Java (for android)

  • Graphics/Web/3D Designing and Animation

    Macromedia technologies including (Flash, Fireworks, Dreamweaver, Freehand, Flax, Swish), CorelDraw, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After effects, Adobe Premier, 3D Studio Max, VRay

  • Reporting Tools:

    Crystal Reports, Devexpress Reporting, Telerik Reporting

  • Development Tools:

    Visual Studio .NET 2003/2005/2008/2010/2012, Visual Studio 6.x, Eclipse, xCode

  • 3rd Party UI Controls:

    Net Advantage - Infragistics Windows Control, Telerik - Web/Windows Rad Controls,DevexpressWindows Controls

  • Content Managements System (CMS):

    Kentico CMS (.Net), Joomla (PHP), Wordpress (PHP)

  • Internet/Intranet Technologies

    ASP.NET 1.x, 2.x, 3.x, & 4.x, Classic ASP, PHP, XML, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Streaming, Audio/Video

  • Databases:

    MS SQL Server 2000/2005/2008, MS Access, MySQL

  • Groupware:

    Lotus Notes release 4.x, 5.x, 6.x and R7, Lotus same time, LotusScript, Notes Java API

Our development process revolves around

the following key step:

Major Task:

Routine Daily Task:

Determining customers’ needs as per their requirement

At the initial stage, in order to ensure our clients that we fully understand all their needs, we work closely with them to determine project objectives.

To ensure reliable performance in the most effectual manner possible, we define the technologies and approach the process of application development. We effectively try to manage risk and maintain the high quality of the final software product after all the possible types of tests.

Planning stages of development

In this stage the limitations (cost, quality, time), functionality of the application and the requirements that must be met are described. After this we do the preliminary estimation of project size, work effort and the expenses of development.

Writing a project plan is a key step in the process after studying the needs that shows the main steps and provide an approximate timetable for the implementation of the project. All these elements are discussed with the clients, reviewed and approved before moving forward.

Development and issuance of an alpha version

The client receives intermediate versions available with their report during the development process of the application. This allows him/her to monitor the implementation of its product. In this way a problem of a defect can be spotted at the early stage of the project before the application evolves into a final product, thus reducing the costs of adjustments.

The result of this step is an alpha version of the product that is provided to the customer for evaluation.

Testing the Quality Assurance and the release of the Beta version

In the next step, the code is revised and authenticated to verify its consistency and functionality. Any deviation from the requirements quality is detected and it is ensured that all the requirements are duly met. All errors and bugs are found and fixed. In order to ensure compliance with the requirements necessary changes are taken at this stage.

The result of this step is an alpha version of the product that is provided to the customer for evaluation.

The final output and deployment

During this last step, we install the final application, configure it and launch it and then closely monitor the performance of the system.

During this step, we also carry the transfer of skills; we perform a full product training to develop personal and technical documentation of the delivered application.

Maintenance continue

Once the application is implemented, Moftak Solutions provides ongoing maintenance and technical support that ensures that the established product works as expected. We also provide careful monitoring to detect any problems that may affect the functionality of the application and resolve problems before they affect the business of our client.

Here is the Design and Development activities diagram:

innovative, creative solutions

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