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Mobile App Development

In the ever changing world invention of mobile phones has revolutionized the way we live. It is hard to imagine a day without a mobile phone because they make everybody easily accessible. The use of cell phones has changed over the years from mere calling others to day to day activities including different tasks, especially for business users.

If we go deep into what has changed the usage of mobile phones altogether, mobile applications will pop up. There are so many amazing apps available which carry out different functions.

Our Creative Minds

Moftak Solutions is comprised of brilliant and the most creative minds that one can expect high quality and most advanced mobile apps as a result. This is our niche and everything else comes second. We believe the quality of work speaks for our reputation and we take pride in everything we develop.

While developing apps across different mobile platforms we follow a standard procedure to ensure successful submission to the app store in order to increase chances of success amongst users.

development Process

The Mobile App Development lifecycle spans the below key process

Meeting & Discovering Clients’ Needs

At the beginning sharing of ideas take place and different aspects of the app are discussed with the client. At this stage the client requests the development of app with specific functionality to be enabled and the details for the same.

We do the primary and secondary research (with all the stakeholders including technical documentation, client co-ordination team and the development team) which leads us to discover feasible alternatives that can best fulfill app development goal.

Out of the possible alternatives the best option is then selected with close collaboration from client and development team.

Design Stage

On the selection of final idea, the development team commences working.

A proof of concept is performed to know whether the technologies employed (tools, programming language, platform, databases and Security measures) match up right with the overall development objective and various constraints associated.

Internal team will be formed based on the scope and complexity of the app development project.

Functional specifications are drafted and approved.

Development and Testing stage

As laid out in the functional requirement document, the development team carries out actual execution of the app programming. Followed by this rigorous testing for all possible scenarios and technical flows take place.

In order to test real world scenarios Beta testing is carried out and rectification is done against deviations reported in the milestone.

At different points of time milestone meetings with Client company representatives, development team project managers and any other third party agent (providing specialized competencies to help take the app development process ahead) take place to ensure close collaboration at all times.

We take care of all the scheduled adherence and process compliance pointers and make sure they are tackled satisfactorily.

Deployment stage

Once the final approval on the built up application is received by the Client Company, the app is ready for release on the app store.

The transition begins when the app, and the documentation about its tech functionalities and related stipulation is passed to the marketing team. The team is responsible for effective advertising and the promotion of the app that ensures maximum coverage of the application amongst targeted users.

We adhere to monetization model while submitting the app to the respective app store. In case of rejection the development team comes into play to rectify the shortcomings and re-submit app for the complete satisfaction of the provider company.


After the release of the app, consumer opinions are well tracked and taken into consideration.

Development team further refines the app based on the customer feedback in order to best meet the current trends and user choices.

Android Mobile application development

Moftak Solutions provides vast categories of Android Mobile application development services.

Moftak Solutions designers and developers through its comprehensive set of development tools explore complex Android SDK platform and utilize all high-end possibilities available for Android. Android SDK (Software Development Kit), Android Media Applications, OpenGL, Location–based Service Apps, Android Security Architecture and several other technologies that are required to develop the best-in-class Android applications.

Below Are Our Key Capabilities:

  • Location Based Apps. GPS and Maps Integration Apps.
  • Social Media Apps and Integrations
  • Media Integration – Music, Pictures, Videos
  • Touch Screen Integration
  • Large Data Management – Streaming and indexing
  • Apps Suitable of Mobile Devices and Tablets Irrespective of Make.

IPhone and iPad application development

Moftak Solutions provides vast varieties of iPhone and iPad application development services. Understanding the fact what Apple brings to world and how different enterprises can leverage the best utilities apple offers to the market, our UI designers completely explore the unlimited potential apple offers.

Moftak Solutions has developed many iOS Applications and created many business solutions suitable for our clients. Our expertise includes:

  • Location Based Apps. GPS and Maps Integration Apps.
  • Games
  • Social Media Apps and Integrations
  • Media Integration – Music, Pictures, Videos
  • Real State Application
  • Apps Suitable of Mobile Devices and Tablets Irrespective of Make.

Windows phones application development

Having a great user experience, windows phones with its key features narrows the gap between what organizations require from phones to fulfill both personal and business needs and what individuals/employees want from a phone.

Recognizing the immense potential and user acceptability of Microsoft, we at Moftak Solutions are committed to take care of the entire development cycle associated with Windows apps.

innovative, creative solutions

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