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Web Development

At Moftak Solutions; we understand that getting a website design that fits the needs and budget can be a daunting task. This is why we offer a wide range of creative web design solutions to deliver a real return on our client’s investment. In today's rapidly changing technological environment, any company who is looking to partner with an IT solution provider that can offer the range of expertise to meet all of their web design needs is difficult to find.

Since we have a dedicated team of Internet specialists and our sole business is leveraging leading-edge, creative and technology solutions; it makes it easy for any company to choose us over others.

We proceed through following steps in order to develop a masterpiece for our valued clients


The vital first step Pre-design work sets the tone for an effective website. During our pre-design stage we:

Get deep understanding about the client’s services, values, target customers, and vision Thoroughly review their available assets (literature, photography, promotional materials, etc.) Gradually start considering the new site’s architecture/structure All the information we gather in the pre-design stage help us define objective: In this way we are able to set:

  1. Primary goals of the website.
  2. Story we want the site to depict.
  3. How the site is going to be organized?
  4. What type of information visitors would be most interested in?
  5. What we want to encourage website visitors to do upon arriving at the new website?

WIREFRAMES (Page layouts)

Through wireframes we allow clients to understand the relative importance and placement of the different pieces and parts that make up individual web pages Skeleton page layouts finally become a homepage design after client approves the wireframe.


Our design document consist of four to eight-page reports which serve as design-direction agreement between us and our clients. They discuss details such as color palettes, textures, requirements and photography. Design documents are a mixture of the following four key elements:

  1. Site goals
  2. The vision and story the client wants to tell
  3. Client requirements
  4. Our expertise

After collecting additional information, we develop a document which details:

  • Potential color palettes.
  • Focus points and guidelines for the site’s design.
  • Details on the site’s overall look and feel.


Moodboards provide clients with their first visual sense of what their design will look and feel like. Think of it like the fancy clothing “skin” that sits over the naked wireframe skeletons.


Putting it all together Where to begin?

Some designers prefer to start working on the design of any page that’s not the homepage first We prefer to start designing the homepage first as it typically makes the most sense to clients and set the tone for the rest of the site Putting it all together upon completing and receiving approval from client for the homepage design, we design couple of other pages within the site for approval before moving forward. During thorough pre-planning stage we continually interact with the client to ensures everyone is on the same page at every step of the way.


After the client approves and signs off on the homepage and internal pages, the development stage begins. The development stage includes coding and integration of Content Management.

System (CMS) that allows the client to manage site updates in-house

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