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Top IoT Mobile App Development Trends to Expect in 2020

In the age of digital transformation, IoT is adopting the upcoming revolution in mobile apps. It is exchanging the way companies used to deliver the Mobile App Development Services. As same like mobile apps, applications of IoT are also developing in approximately every vertical. IoT mobile development trends facilitated many corporates to deliver surprising customer experiences by providing technological improvements to existing mobile apps.

Adequate research by some experts predicts that there will be about 25 billion devices connected to the IoT by 2020 and that product and service providers will add a $3.5 billion business in revenue. Presently, IoT is going to drive the trends of Mobile App Development Services providers used to follow. So here are the top 7 IoT technology trends that will define the future in 2020 and beyond.

  • IoT Adoption in Healthcare

One of the most important applications of IoT is certainly in the field of healthcare, and next year we will see how health care really adopts IoT skills.

In recent research, it is noticed that the internet of medical things could be expected to grow at a rate of 26% and reach $ 70,000 million by the end of 2020.

Several devices such as IoT Sensors, portable IoT Devices, medical equipment, and health monitors will be configured to connect with IoT. Today, as almost everyone is aware of technological advancements, IoT will be used more than ever in the medical field.

Distant patient checking can be possible with the association of IoT. In healthcare devices, it can monitor the blood coagulation system from time to time, which helps to keep the patient’s activity under the therapeutic range to lower the risk factor.

IoT in Healthcare
IoT in Healthcare
  • Smart Home Devices will increase in Popularity

The charm of having IoT Smart Home device is desirable, even to those who initially discarded the technology.

These devices are already very popular in 2019, so these devices inevitably belong to the list of future IoT Technology trends 2020. Moreover, in the coming years, these devices are expected to become more innovative and intuitive and cover not only to the comfort of home automation but also to home security and safety.

One of the big drivers of smart IoT Development and IoT Smart Home adoption is the necessity to save energy. Intelligent regulators and smart lighting help conserve energy and reduce bills, which will be another great reason why more and more people turn to IoT Devices in 2020 and beyond.

IoT Smart Home
IoT Smart Home
  • IoT Security will be a Higher Priority

IoT Devices offer infinite prospects to increase productivity, economic growth, and quality of life. Consider smart cities, self-driving cars, and the ways connected medical devices can monitor our health. The potential growth of IoT is virtually infinite.

But with opportunity comes a significant amount of risk. As much as we did like to trust manufacturers to make sure robbers can’t watch our homes through data from an automated space, many new devices lack even basic security features. And thousands of new devices are coming online each year without promise to basic measures such as using unique passwords, encrypting our data, or updating software to address vulnerabilities.

So, every IoT Mobile App Development Company that undertake projects will have to make the apps safer than ever before.

IoT Security
IoT Security
  • IoT and Blockchain

IoT depends on centralized communication models to interact with the system. It can also be said that all the devices in IoT setup are identified, connected and validated via centralized cloud servers.

As the number of IoT devices increases, the number of interactions between the server and devices increases the cost. This is the cause of why current systems cannot support large IoT networks.

Due to all these reasons, security will become an important issue. Enter Blockchain! It is meant to ensure the safety of all your data. The connected IoT Devices can function safely with the use of Blockchain.

IoT in blockchain
Image Source: Google
  • Smart Cities will Become a Median

We have been hearing the word “Smart City” for a while now. As it is already debated many times, we will see how smart cities fit the list of IoT trends.

Many countries have previously embraced the concept of smart cities to deliver a relaxed and maintainable life to its citizens. Many cities in China are using IoT Devices to connect traffic lights, parking meters, and other utilities.

You might be doubting how Mobile Development trend will improve our lives. Well, IoT integration will reduce traffic blocking and increase safety along with defensible IoT Development. Of course, this is only a preview of the advantages that will come with the use of IoT.

IoT and the Smart City
IoT and the Smart City
  • Artificial Intelligence and Big Data

As millions of consumers and devices are connected to IoT, the amount of data that needs to be managed and examined with grow exponentially.

The idea behind is not to only collect data but to extract possible information from it. It is projected that the combined use of AI, Big Data and IoT will bring about a wave of improvement.

IoT in Artificial Intelligence
IoT in Artificial Intelligence
  • Enhancement in Predictive Maintenance by IoT

Today, you can switch your heating system through your phone or tablet so your house is at the right temperature when you get home

In the coming years, IoT Technology will be fundamental in improving productivity and efficiency everywhere in the world. It will lead to more efficient power management at plants and factories by automatically changing environment control systems to reduce energy consumption when it is not needed.


IoT Devices are slowly becoming a part of the technology we use every day. We hope that our extensive list of IoT Mobile Development trends managed to inspire you. If you want your IoT Mobile Development to reach the masses, then we recommend you start with IoT Android App Development first.

Looking for some IoT experts to hire for your upcoming project? We’re here at your assistance!

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